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Scribo 400ml

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  • Scribo ™ 400ml is the new low-pressure spray designed for graffiti writers and artists.

    Scribo ™ 400ml contains a matte paint, fast drying and high resistance to light, suitable for any surface both inside and outside, and it is available in all its nice packaging made of recyclable aluminum.

    Made in Venice and available only on and in our selected stores.

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Scribo™ is a new tool for graffiti writing.


Scribo™ is born from the passion and love for writing, after a long process of research and it's completely designed and handcrafted in Venice.


The research, production and distribution are as much sustainable as possible:


-Aluminium recyclable can with paper label.

  • -Low impact: acrylic pigments, resins and propellant. No aromatic solvent, no CFC, no leads or other toxic elements according with all EU environmental laws.

  • -Raw materials in short supply chain: every part of the product is carefully produced in Italy with the best components.

  • -From web to wall: Scribo™ is distributed worldwide only at No distributors, minimum shipping and taxes meant that Scribo™ can arrive to your house for a very good price according with the rules of the planet earth.
  • Scribo™ is designed for graffiti writers and artists. It is a 400ml/11oz acrylic and instant-drying matt paint.
  • Both for interior and exterior use, the paint adheres to surfaces without any risk of dripping. Perfect on wall, canvas, wood, metal, glass, paper, cardboard and plastic.
  • Top quality pigments and resins guarantee total coverage at the first pass, even with humidity or extreme temperatures. Every color is water and UV resistant and it dries in minutes. Scribo™ covers silver and metallics and it is compatible with every paint chemical in the market.
  • Perfect for writing and drawing due to its unique shape and soft valve. Writing at a reduced distance from the support (less than 1 cm) helps to make Scribo™ the most precise spray can in the market. Scribo™ valve permits maximum precision and half-pressure control and it is compatible with all kind of caps.
  • Ergonomic: thanks to its spherical dome it is easy to handle, your middle finger is free to push the cap and your hand stays more relaxed. 
  • Dome matches color: you can check the real color on the spherical top of the spray can.
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